A bit about me

I am a highly motivated UX/UI Designer with a passion for crafting inspiring, impactful, and seamless user experience designs. My strong foundation in design empowers me to elevate products by employing an iterative design approach, integrating user research, rapid iteration, and creating beautifully constructed user interfaces.

Over the years, my experience as a designer, coupled with my T-shaped skillset, has driven me to embrace the challenges presented by each project and find innovative solutions through a human-centric design process. My focus lies in bridging the gap between user needs and business objectives, ultimately delivering intuitive, efficient, and visually stunning experiences for users.

When I am not engaged in design work, you can find me in the studio taking ballet classes, exploring local cafes, or visiting art galleries.

I am enthusiastic about collaborating with teams and clients, and I am constantly seeking new opportunities to push the boundaries of design and leave a lasting positive impact on users and businesses alike.

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