Web Design

Fleet and Leasing Management Company


Designing and ideating an internal application for users to successfully and efficiently onboard and manage clients.




Adobe Illustrator 

Adobe Photoshop 


Elizabeth Venorsky


An automobile and fleet leasing management company engaged our team to help with the innovation and process of modernization to their mobile and web applications. Our team enhanced existing features and collaborated in rebranding process with the creation of their digital design system. We researched, analyzed, and designed using an Agile design approach creating an internal application for users to create, onboard, and manage clients pricing, lease contracts, services, billing, and proposals.


As a UX/UI designer, I led the discovery, user research process, design, wireframing, visual design, information architecture, prototyping, and testing.


Users need a digital internal application where they can onboard, manage and view clients services, pricing, lease contracts, and billing, so that users can efficiently and effectively add, manage and view clients in one application.

Solution Objective

We believe that by designing and creating an efficient, easy-to-use digital experience on Wheels Internal application that ensures users the ability to create, onboard, and manage clients, users will be able to successfully manage clients all in one application producing efficiency and a productive work flow.